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I'm Bec, I live here in Gippsland with my husband and two daughters. 

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My Story

I realised that what I love most about my job is the connection I get to create with people. I’m sharing this so you can get a deeper understanding into the person that I am behind the screen on social media or in front of you doing your makeup. I love hearing these kinds of stories from people as well. I think it’s a fantastic way to gain a deeper connection with someone online and you never know, we just may have more things in common than you think.


My story begins back when I was in high school. Like most creatives, school was never my thing and while I somehow managed to pass year 12 there was never a thought or an option of me going to university. Study wasn’t for me and all I wanted to do was work, pay my bills and live for the weekends with my friends.

I worked part time from when I was 16. I understood that working meant money and money meant that I could go and have fun with my friends whenever I wanted. I always seemed to gain employment easily and the positions I was in  came natural to me.  Lots of retail and customer service type roles. Not only did this create a spiral of jobs that left me feeling very unfilled I was also not motivated to find anything better.

My then partner now husband, Jared and I have been together since I was 19 and we always knew we wanted to have a family one day. When that time came I would be the one to stay home full time with the kids while he worked. At the time Jared worked a lot of FIFO work around Australia. So this meant with both of us working we were able to save a little, and also tick the things off our lists that we wanted to do before any children came along. Once a baby was here, our carefree lifestyles would be long gone. When I turned 26 we found out that we were in fact pregnant and all my dreams of being a mum and having to not work for anyone were about to come true. 

As any mother knows those first few months into motherhood are extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. Jared was still working away at this point, and would only be home for 1 week week every second month. This meant all the parenting was left up to me. After a very sleepless night I turned to Google to search for some beauty tips that I could do from home to try and make myself feel better. This was when the online beauty space was blowing up. Makeup and skincare had always interested me after working as a beauty advisor in Priceline and also a local chemist that stocked Estee Lauder when I was younger. This online beauty community was fun, and friendly and something in me knew that I had to be apart of it.  So in November of 2013 I started my first beauty blog and signed up to Instagram and began sharing all I had learned and taught myself over the years and continued to teach myself. This really helped me find a creative outlet that I didn’t know I had. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit creating content, teaching myself programs like Wordpress, photography and videography editing programs like Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro just to name a few. During this time we also had another baby. But this hobby sparked something in me I wanted to pursue in between raising a family and running the house. 

I remained in the online beauty space for about 6 years when I decided I wanted to return back to the workforce. I was done being at home at this point and knew there were bigger things I could achieve outside of the house. When Lani started Kinder I put Zhanè into Day Care and I decided to head back to study and get my qualification to become a makeup artist. By this time Jared was home working and no longer doing FIFO. The goal was to work for myself. I could look after the kids and run the house during the week while Jared was at work and we would then swap our roles on the weekends and I could take on makeup clients while he had the girls. WIN WIN!!  I used every second of that class time to my advantage and not only did I finish at the top of my class, I was the only student who passed the entire course! Although this didn’t come with its challenges. I was studying 3 days a week, to get my foot in the industry door I began working in a friend's salon 1 day a week, and the rest of the days were for parenting and running the house. 


After I completed my course I hit the ground running. Like any entrepreneur, all I wanted to do was pour all my time into this new business venture. I had spent so many years working jobs that left me feeling so unfulfilled it felt fantastic knowing I had finally found something that lit me up inside. But I was reminded that being a parent and wife needed to come first. I wasn’t going to be a mother that let her work come first. Cleaning the house, doing the washing, cooking the meals were all still something I needed to do. Finding that work/life balance is a consistent battle for me. But over the years I have come to realise that chasing my own dreams and doing something I love makes me a better mum and wife. I need my kids to see that you can achieve your goals at any age. There've been plenty of arguments and some tears but also so many happy and exciting moments too. I am now into my third year of being a makeup artist and despite covid, and the work/life juggle. I can safely say that I wouldn’t change any of it. My business has really taken off and my diary is booked out every weekend. I still get that feeling of excitement and butterflies every time someone books me for a job or I receive some great feedback from a client. I am very proud of all that I have been able to achieve to this point and I am so incredibly excited to see what the future holds. I love my job, I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love that I can help make a client feel beautiful or teach them a new skill  that they can take away after our appointment and use or even share with a friend. I think it’s the motherly instinct in me to want to help others. I don’t regret how my story started because I know it gave me the drive and motivation to want to succeed today. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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