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7 Expert Tips For a Radiant Spring Look: Embrace Spring With Confidence.

As the flowers start to bloom and the days become warmer, it's the perfect time to refresh your makeup routine and embrace a radiant spring look. Discover these expert tips that will help you achieve a flawless and glowing appearance that captures the essence of Spring.

Prep Your Canvas: Revisit your skincare I say this all the time, but if your skin isn't at its best then theres no way we are able to create a flawless makeup application. Check your skincare, is it still in date, do you need to switch out any super nourishing products for something more lightweight or is it time to add in an exfoliating product to remove the Winter buildup? The goal of Spring makeup is to make the skin look fresh and adding a face mask one or twice a week will also help revitalise your complexion.

Embrace Pastel Hues

Incorporate soft, pastel shades into your makeup look. Opt for pastel eyeshadows, blushes and lip colours. Shades like soft pink, lilacs and peaches add springtime charm.

The Power Of A Dewy Finish

Spring is the time to swap out your matte products with for ones with a dewy finish. Think cream based products and radiant finish foundations.

Blossom With Peachy Cheeks Apply a peach-hued creamy blush to your cheeks for a natural flush. Blend it seamlessly for a subtle and radiant effect.

Effortless Eyeliner & Mascara

Opt for soft, smudged eyeliner in brown or taupe shades. Pair with a lengthening mascara (or lash lift ) for a fluttery effect.

Glossy Lips For A Juicy Pout Choose hydrating lip glosses in a shade that complements your look or even simply enhances your natural lip colour. Glossy lips enhance dimension & fullness.

Set & Refresh Lock in your look with a setting spray. It helps makeup stay fresh and last longer. It also gives your skin an extra boost of hydration for those with a dry skin type.

If you would like to customise your own Spring makeup look why not book in a 1:1 lesson with me. Each lesson includes 1 hour of us working on a look you will love, a 10 piece face and eye makeup brush set and an e-book full of useful makeup tips and tricks.

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