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How To Prepare For Your Makeup Appointment

Preparing for your makeup appointment is easy! Here are some tips to help you make sure you're ready for your appointment:

1. Do your research: Before your appointment, research the look that you want to achieve. Look up pictures of makeup styles that you like and think about the colors that suit you or that you generally gravitate towards. Research artists in your area, look at their portfolios, and make sure that that artist you have selected aligns with your style. Do remember though, while Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration 99% of photos on there will be photoshopped

2. Cleanse and moisturise: Skin prep is crucial! Before your appointment, make sure to cleanse and moisturised your skin, use a mask 1-2 days before you appointment. Hydrated skin, whether it's oily or dry is key to ensuring that your makeup lasts. This will help create a smooth and even base for your makeup.

3. Defuzz: Remove that unwanted facial hair, makeup will get caught in it. Also groom your brows, this will make a massive difference to the outcome of your makeup.

3. Arrive with a clean face: When you arrive for your appointment, make sure to come with a freshly washed and moisturised face. This will give your makeup artist a blank slate to work with.

4. Come with an open mind: Be prepared to try new things, as your makeup artist may suggest different techniques or products. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to experiment! Enjoy the experience and have fun with it! Your makeup artist can help you create a look that you will love.

5. You get what you pay for: Don't ask an artist to lower to price to fit your budget. Theres a reason why the artist charges that much. Experience, expertise, training and products the artists offers in their kit are just some of the reason for their rate.

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