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What Is Involved in The Brow Lamination Process?

Brow lamination, sometimes known as a brow sculpt or brow lift, is a relatively recent technique that uses a chemical solution to elevate and smooth the eyebrow hair.

How is a brow lamination done?

After the links between the individual strands have been broken, the stylist may manipulate the DNA in any way they see fit.

The method may be tweaked to get different results. Nonetheless, the following are typical steps:

The brow stylist will often start with a patch test to see whether their clients are allergic to the keratin in the lifting cream before applying it.

Assuming there is no response to the cream, the stylist will start by cleansing the area and tracing out the form that works best with the client's face and brows.

The provider employs the usage of an applicator to apply the lifting cream to the brows. The cuticles of the hair are loosened and the hair connection is broken, making it possible to reshape the brow hair.

The technician will then brush the hair in one direction after applying the product. They'll use plastic wrap to seal up the area for a few minutes. The processing time is different for everyone because of the different textures of their eyebrows.

As soon as the lotion has processed, the stylist will remove this, and apply the second step solution to keep the hair in its new position.

Every remnants of the products are removed away and if the client has requested, the stylist will tint the brows and also wax or tweeze has unwanted hairs.

The next step is the application of a hydrating oil or serum to restore moisture and condition the brows.

What Is The Aftercare Advice For A Brow Lamination?

No swimming or saunas or getting the brows wet for the next 24 hours. Apply a hydrating serum or oil to the brows to avoid the hair drying out.

To avoid skin sensitivity, avoid using exfoliants like retinol for at least 72 hours after treatment.

It takes around 60 minutes to complete the procedure.

Should you wish to try this treatment please book online using the link below.

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